“Data Processing” is any activity carried out by a data controller, or a data processor organisation on behalf of a data controller. This very broad definition includes creation, amendment, updating, blocking, transfer, erasure and deletion of records - essentially, any action which might be performed on personal information. The Information Commissioner does not consider the definition in the Act to be exhaustive.

“Mind” refers to the national organisation (the National Association for Mental Health).

“Local Mind” refers to independent charities that are affiliated to Mind through a Community Partnership Agreement.

“Personal Information” about a living individual which will identify them, either from a single piece of information or from various pieces of information which, when viewed together make identification possible.

“Platform” OpenHub platform (hereafter “the platform”).

“Super User” is defined as any Mind or local Mind staff member who has privileged authority to invite other users to sign up to the platform and who can access all information relating to their organisation.

“User” is defined as any person who completes the agreed platform sign-up process. At the time of writing “user” is limited to Mind staff, trustees and consultants or local Mind staff and trustees.


Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to national Mind (National Association for Mental Health hereafter Mind) and local Mind users that have access to and use the OpenHub platform (hereafter “the platform”).

Access to the platform is restricted to current Mind paid staff, consultants, volunteers and trustees and current local Mind paid staff, trustees and volunteers. Personal information relating to users who leave Mind/a local Mind must be archived on the platform by the organisations Super Users.

Mind may change these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes on the platform and using the system alert to notify users. Use of the platform after changes to the terms and conditions are posted means Mind/the local Mind agrees to be legally bound by the updated terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are subject to Mind’s Data Protection Policy (Version 1.0Issue Date: June 2014) and Mind’s Information Sharing Policy and Protocol (Version 1.0 Issue Date: Jul>How will data and information be used?

Every local Mind is required (as part of affiliation) to provide a standard set of data on to the platform about the local Mind. Every local Mind must also provide data requested by Mind from time to time as requested.

Information will be accessible to Mind. Mind will collect, store and process data and information about local Minds to:

  • Enable local Minds to share data and information about themselves to other local Minds in the network, according to the Privacy Levels described below, for purposes such as benchmarking, relationship building and peer-to-peer support
  • Produce and share with the local Mind network key statistics /insights about the network (on at least an annual basis)
  • Shape and develop the benefits of affiliation that Mind provides as the national body to the local Mind network
  • Showcase the value and impact of the local Mind network to external agencies.

Data protection

Mind will:

  • Collect, store and process data and information that local Minds have provided on the platform, in accordance with the Privacy Levels below. This includes information about users and super users, and information about local Minds (for example local Mind services, finances or governance arrangements)
  • Share anonymised, aggregated local Mind Annual Return data on the platform that is accessible to all users
  • Share anonymised, aggregated data with third parties in order to communicate key features of the network, its value and operations (prior consent to do this will not be sought)
  • Ensure that only the minimum amount of personal information Mind needs is collected and used
  • Ensure the destruction of personal information is done so securely
  • Ensure that individual users can exercise their rights under Data Protection Legislation in relation to their personal information
  • With regards to any sensitive organisational information, we will respect confidentiality and will seek agreement before sharing any of this data
  • Not share personal or sensitive data relating to users or super users with any third party, except with the express permission of the owner, or unless required to do by law or in the public interest. Permission will always be sought in advance where possible from the owner and the owner will always be notified of any such disclosure in writing as soon as possible
  • Respect the ownership and intellectual property of the information, knowledge and resources on the platform, including commercially sensitive information about local Minds and their operations
  • Make user accounts inactive when a user leaves Mind or a local Mind. Mind reserves the right to archive or suspend a local Mind user account where it deems necessary.
  • Local Minds will:
  • Ensure that their own Data Protection policies and procedures are in place
  • Evidence that they implement their Data Protection policy and procedures as part of the Mind quality assurance system
  • Information will also be shared between local Minds and Mind nationally via the Hub, for example, MQM submission data.
  • Keep information on the platform about their organisation’s services up to date
  • Keep information on the platform about users and super users up to date
  • Make user accounts inactive when a user leaves their organisation
  • Respect the ownership and intellectual property of the information, knowledge and resources on the platform, including commercially sensitive information about local Minds and their operations.

Share information on the platform according to the following Privacy Levels:

-   Local - this means information that can only be shared internally within a local Mind organisation.
-   Regional - this means information that can be shared with other local Minds in their region (in England or Wales).
-   National - this means information that can be shared with other local Minds across the entire local Mind network in England and Wales, or information that the local Mind is required to share with Mind.


Data security

Mind will take all reasonable measures in accordance with applicable data protection law and industry standards to protect the personal information in its possession by ensuring that appropriate security is in place.

Users must keep log-in details secure at all times, only use the personal details they are issued with to access the system, and not share their details with any other user. If the user believes the system to have been accessed inappropriately then they should immediately report it to their line manager.

Information contained on the system is confidential to Mind, and must not be shared with any other individual or organisation without appropriate permission from Mind.



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Cookies used

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Subject Access Requests

Users can make requests to access personal information held about them on the platform. Users must make a written request to Mind. Mind will not charge for this. Mind will provide a written copy all the relevant personal information within 40 days from receipt of the request.



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