On this page, you will found the most up-to-date brand information, including links to any updates, training and assets.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the brand and the recent changes, please email: [email protected]


About the brand refresh

Our brand is who we are and why we exist. It is how people feel when they think about us. A strong brand clearly sets out who we are and what we stand for, collectively. 

In April 2021 we updated our brand to make it more relevant and accessible, help us to maintain our leading market position, while improving its effectiveness both nationally and locally with current and new audiences. 

We last updated our brand in 2011 and since then, the society we operate in has changed significantly and so has our work as a federation. And like any other part of our infrastructure, it is essential that we invest in our brand to ensure it is fit for purpose. Extensive research underpins this work – with audiences internally and externally. 

The addition of a purpose statement helps us to understand the value we, as a federation, create for society. It underpins and inspires the way we present ourselves in images our words – our visual identity and tone of voice.

Our research also told us that we needed to update elements of our visual identity, which is made up of our logo, colours, fonts, photography and illustration. 


Where to find the new guidelines and assets

You can now access all of the new brand assets, templates and the new Mind brand guidlines in the brand resource room.



You can watch the brand training session here and read the frequently asked questions.


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Useful resources:

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Day two at Network Leaders Conference: Brand and Strategy launch starts at 49:28


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